Sept 3, 2014

Here are the supporting items for the Chatsworth Council meeting of September 3, 2014.

The entire original package arrived by email. For the record, it is here, but I suggest you not even look at it for the moment. Rather, start by perusing the Agenda (below), using it to help you decide what supporting documents you wish to see and/or download. To do that, just click on the item.

Note that draft minutes of previous meetings that form part of the package have not been approved and are subject to change. You can obtain the final version of Council Minutes from the Chatsworth website, but they don’t usually get around to posting the final copies of minutes for several weeks.

Note also that minutes of Committees are never posted on the Chatsworth website. In fact, there is no information whatsoever on the website about what Committees even exist, never mind what they do.

Township of Chatsworth Council Agenda
Wednesday September 3, 2014 10:00 AM

1) Call to Order: 10:OO am
2) Moment of Reflection or Prayer:
3) Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest:
4) Minutes of Previous Meetings:
1.) HR Committee Meeting June 9, 2014
2.) Police Services Board Meeting June 17, 2014
3.) Regular Council Meeting August 13, 2014
5) Deputations:
10:30 am. Helmut Pankratz – Flooding West Back Line
6) Public Meetings:
9:30 a.m. Lembke
7) Accounts: $293,810.13
8) Reports / Recommendations / Quotes / RFP:
1. Director Roads and Bridges Draft Health and Safety Program
2. Director Roads and Bridges Flooding West Back Line Report
3. HR Committee Report and Policies
4. Water Department Report MOE Well Supply Inspection Report, OCWA July 2014 Report, OCWA Services Agreement
9) Unfinished Business:
1) Bill 140
2) BioDigester Septage
10) New Business:
1.) GM Blueplan Engineering West Back Line Drainage
2.) Howard Blue Parking on Municipal Property request
3.) Jim Baker Water Service Pipe Break at 23 Lundolder Drive
4.) Dufferin Grey ATV Club Inc. Requesting Township Pins
5.) Owen Sound Highway Maintenance Limited Connecting Link Winter Maintenance Owen Sound Highway Maintenance Limited retracing line markings

11 ) Information Items:
Grey Bruce Health Unit Community Conversations Project: Community Food Centres.
12)Closed Meeting Session: (if necessary)
13) By-Laws:
2014-46 Cell Phone Policy
2014-47 Sick Days Policy
2014-48 Health and Safety Policy and Culture
14) Agreements:
Integrated Maintenance and Operations Services lnc.
Highway 6 Winter Maintenance

15) Adjournment:


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