Sept 25, 2015 (8:00 am)

September 25, 2015 – Report on today’s Joint meeting

The meeting started promptly at 8:00 am. Ross Slaughter, who was present at the previous meeting as a representative of SusGlobal Energy, was in the audience.

Will Moore (Chatsworth CAO/Clerk) quickly gave an overview of the Staff Report. We learned that the Joint Board’s consultant, Conestogo-Rovers, attended the September 21 meeting by telephone, and that the new information received from SusGlobal at the meeting and by way of the letter sent prior to the meeting was not considered; however, even if it had been considered, Mr. Moore said that the proposal would still not have been awarded enough points to go to the next step in the evaluation.

The main deficiencies related to lack of experience with source-separated organics, and uncertainty about feedstock sources.

In his comments, Mr. Slaughter mentioned a 10% rebate of construction costs to the municipalities. I do not know if this was part of the SusGlobal proposal (which has not been made public), or if it came up at the September 21 meeting, but there was no comment or discussion on it.

The Joint Board accepted the Staff Report and gave direction for Conestogo-Rovers to take the lead in investigating possible next steps, with a report back to the Joint Board at its next meeting which was scheduled for October 23.

Trevor Falk

Sept 23, 2015

Here is the Bare Agenda for this meeting on Friday morning. It looks like the meeting may be short and sweet.

The Staff Report dated Sept 22 states that the technical meeting set up at the request of SusGlobal Energy representatives did not result in any changes to the technical points rating awarded by the Joint Board’s consultant.

Click here to read the Sept 18, 2015 letter from SusGlobal Energy to the Joint Board defending or explaining aspects of its proposal to operate the bio-digester. A wee touch of humour: there are two photographs in Appendix A to the letter that were taken at a project location in the United Kingdom by the name of “Barfoots.”

Click here to read the Sept 21, 2015 report by the consultant to the Joint Board which I assume was prepared after consideration of the above-noted Sept 18 letter and discussions at the meeting on Sept 21.

As usual, I will prepare and post a report on the meeting over the weekend.

Trevor Falk


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