October 30, 2015 (8:00 am)

October 28, 2015 – Here is the Agenda with links to all of the supporting documents in the package.

As usual, I plan to attend the meeting and will prepare and post a report on it, probably on this coming weekend.

Trevor Falk

November 4, 2015Report on the October 30, 2015 Joint Bio-Digester Meeting

The meeting started with a 30-minute “in camera” session. The reason was said to be that there were legal matters to be discussed. However, there turned out to be no substantive discussion about the Staff Report BIO.15.14 dated October 26, 2015 at Agenda 6.2, so obviously all of that took place in the “in camera” session.

The proverbial “bottom line” is that the Joint Management Board agreed to accept the recommendations contained in the above-noted staff report. Therefore, the following decisions that will affect every taxpayer in the two townships were made in private (explicitly or implicitly):

  1. The Conestoga-Rovers report that the Joint Board commission at the meeting on September 25, 2015 would be kept confidential. Note that, during the discussion of the wording of Resolution BIO 46-2015 (this copy was provided at the end of the meeting in response to my question at Agenda 7), it was revealed that the C-R report contained 3 options (mothballing; continue to operate but with the improvements recommended in their original report; and negotiate with a third party).
  2. The services of C-R are no longer required. This is a major loss for Chatsworth because C-R was and is a source of badly-need objective technical information.Since C-R was engaged by Chatsworth, it is not at all clear how the Joint Board could have made this decision which I would have thought belonged to the Chatsworth Council.
  3. The Joint Management Board is not interested in exploring any possibility other than a negotiated arrangement with SusGlobal. This is astounding, considering there was one other proposal (that was apparently shredded because it did not arrive in time) and several other “expressions of interest,” especially since the SusGlobal proposal did not get over the first hurdle in the RFP process that was established by the Joint Board with the advice of C-R.

There was some discussion at the meeting about the proposed 2015 Bio-Digester budget that has not yet been passed. It was agreed to put it on the Agenda for the next meeting (scheduled for November 27, 2015).

The Bio-Digester is on the Agenda of today’s Chatsworth Council meeting.

Trevor Falk


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