June 24, 2015 (6:00 pm)

Township of Chatsworth
Council Agenda
Wednesday June 24, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.

1) Call to Order: 6:00 p.m.

2) Opening Ceremonies:

3) Adoption of Agenda:

4) Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest:

5) Minutes of Previous Meetings:

6) Public Meetings:

7) Deputations: (Brief descriptions of both)

7:00 pm Community Centre Arena boards
8:00 pm Community Centre Ball Diamond boards

8) Accounts: None

9) Reports / Recommendations / Quotes / RFP:

10) Unfinished Business

1.) BioDigester RFP 6:00 pm (TEF Note: Draft RFP not available as at 8:00 am on Tuesday morning. Presumably it will be made available prior to the meeting.)

TEF note on July 1, 2015: Two documents prepared by Conestoga-Rovers were provided by Township Staff via email about 9:30 am on the morning of this meeting. They are here (first document, second document). Neither of these documents is posted on the Chatsworth website. They were also NOT part of the pre-meeting package posted on the Georgian Bluffs website for the June 25 Joint Bio-Digester meeting, although they were central to the agenda of that meeting.

11) New Business:

1.) Liquor License approval application – Sherry’s Chatsworth Cafe
2.) Waste and Recycling contracts

12) Information Items:

13) Closed Meeting Session

14) Agreements

15) By-Laws:

2015-53 ATV By-law (TEF Note: Not included in the package)
2015-55 Confirming By-law

16) Adjournment:


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