Feb 27, 2015 (8:00 am)

March 3, 2015 – An Informed Observer’s Report on the Joint Board Meeting on February 27, 2015. [Note: The discussion in the second paragraph, below, about doing a “Value for Money” assessment, was added on the morning of March 4 at about 7:45 am.]

I have finally completed my Report on the Joint Board Meeting held on February 27, 2015. I apologize for being so unrealistic in my earlier statements as to when I would post it.

On the second page of this report on the Feb 27 meeting, under the topic of the Annual Wastewater Report, I derive a number (86) for the likely number of septic tanks from Chatsworth that were emptied at the Bio-Digester in all of 2014, and say that I will come back to this later in the report. After writing this, I changed my mind about referring to it again, and should have removed this sentence before sending the report to the Chatsworth Council and posting it. I have decided to produce a separate report for the Chatsworth Council about the actual value received by Chatsworth in exchange for our investment of more than a million dollars and the additional million plus we have spent on the Bio-Digester. I will ask to present this “Value for Money” report to the Chatsworth Council before the next Bio-Digester meeting (scheduled for March 27). Please stay tuned.

Feb 26, 2015 – There have been discussions between Chatsworth and Georgian Bluffs about changes to the funding of the Bio-Digester. The option of getting rid of tipping fees completely (except for septage from outside of the two townships) has been considered, as has the possibility of apportioning operating costs on the basis of total assessment (roughly 1/3 Chatsworth and 2/3 Georgian Bluffs).

As one step in considering such changes, one would think that someone would have worked through the numbers for each option. Not seeing any such calculations in the package of information provided to the Joint Management Board in advance of tomorrow’s meeting, I did some calculations and prepared this short report to the Chatsworth Council.

I sent this report to Mayor Pringle and Deputy Mayor Mackey earlier today, with copies to the other Councillors and CAO/Clerk Moore. Here is what the covering email said:

Dear Mayor Pringle and Deputy Mayor Mackey,

Attached please find a short (2-page) report to Council that quantifies the “bottom line” effects on Chatsworth of the fundamental changes being proposed to the Bio-Digester budget that have been floating around for some time. As you know, this topic is on the Agenda for discussion at tomorrow’s Joint Management Board meeting.

The attached report arises out of a statement by Treasurer Morrison that is recorded in the minutes of the June 18, 2014 Georgian Bluffs Council meeting. As you know, I have asked CAO/Clerk Will Moore about correspondence and/or discussions between Chatsworth and Georgian Bluffs earlier on that same day in order to understand how Treasurer Morrison could possibly have reached the conclusion that Chatsworth’s concerns are “off the table.”

In the attached report, I have done my best to explain everything as clearly as possible, to provide sources, and to state assumptions. As always, I am willing to appear before Council to provide further elaboration, and to answer questions.

Yours truly,
Trevor Falk

I sent another email a little later with this one-page table that shows what the impact on Chatsworth would have been in 2012 and 2013 if no tipping fees had been charged in those years, and assuming that the businesses on the Sunset Strip would have paid for the transportation of their sewage to the Bio-Digester like everybody else has to do.

Feb 25, 2015 – Here is the Bare Agenda for the Joint Management Board meeting on Friday, February 27 beginning at 8:00 am.

Here is the Agenda with links to all of the supporting documents.

I will attend the meeting and then write my own report on it which I will send to the entire Chatsworth Council (and also post here sometime on the weekend or early next week). I have decided to do it this way because otherwise, the Chatsworth Council members who do not attend the meeting have no means of knowing or understanding what happened.


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