Chatsworth Taxpayers

May 18, 2016 – links to Anne Kurita’s emails fixed (I hope). In the meantime, because of problems with these links, I have posted the link to the Grey County website under the Recolour Grey sub-tab. Finally, I have provided a link to the most recent version of the Chatsworth Taxpayers’ newsletter under the Voices in Print sub-tab.

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May 15, 2016

As I understand it, a number of Chatsworth residents living mainly in the southern portion of the Township coalesced about three years ago around the proposed Bumstead Pit (located west of Berkeley). The group decided to call themselves “Chatsworth Taxpayers.”

I have been on the receiving end of emails and publications prepared by Chatsworth Taxpayers for a couple of years, and have been impressed by the evident hard work they have done in preparing high-quality, well-reasoned input to the Township Council and to Grey County.

Early this month, Anne Kurita (one of the driving forces behind Chatsworth Taxpayers) drew my attention to “RECOLOUR GREY” which I understand to be an important initiative by Grey County to update the Official Plan. This will affect every resident and taxpayer in the Township of Chatsworth.

I have suspected for some time that Chatsworth representatives to the County (the Mayor and Deputy-Mayor) are doing taxpayers a disservice for the simple reason that we hear nothing from them about issues discussed or to be discussed, and input they provided or intend to provide on our behalf.

I stand to be corrected, but I cannot recall a single Grey County issue in the tenure of Mayor Pringle (approaching 5 1/2 years) that has been brought to the Chatsworth Council table for input or guidance from the Council or from resident here. Obviously, everything cannot be dealt with in that way, and most things probably don’t need to be dealt with in that way … but nothing at all?

In these circumstances, Chatsworth Taxpayers appear to me to be working hard to bring some County-wide issues to the fore in this township. Here is Anne Kurita’s initial email of May 3, 2016 about the public process initiated by Grey County to amend the Official Plan, and here is her email of May 5, 2016.

It is my intention to provide links to some of the information generated by Chatsworth Taxpayers, in the interest of helping them get the message out further. For this purpose, I will add a tab for Recolour Grey (the Grey County Process for amending the Official Plan), Voices in Print (the Chatsworth Taxpayers’ newsletter) and for the proposed Bumstead Pit (for links to documents created by or provided by Chatsworth Taxpayers). Possibly others in due course.

I cannot afford the time to perform much maintenance, so mainly I will simply post documents provided by Chatsworth Taxpayers. I am not otherwise involved with Chatsworth Taxpayers, so I do not take responsibility for the content of information they provide and ask me to post.

Here is the email address of Chatsworth Taxpayers written out: chatsworthtaxpayers (all one word with no dots or hypens or underscores) at gmail dot com.

Trevor Falk
May 15, 2016