Bio-Digester Meetings

This page was created on December 20, 2014 (but with a couple of edits on Dec 22, 2014)

The Mayor and Deputy-Mayor of Chatsworth and Georgian Bluffs constitute the Joint Board that has the overall responsibility for the Bio-Digester. The CAO/Clerk of each municipality usually attends the meetings of the Joint Board. Staff support is mainly provided by Georgian Bluffs, and the meetings are usually held in the Georgian Bluffs Council chamber.

Operation is in accordance with an Agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding that are both dated February 2, 2011. These documents were not only not made available, but it took some detective work to figure out that they even exist. Having discovered them, I have made them available on this blog – click on the Bio-Digester tab, and then go to the sub-tab titled Agreements. They should be on the Chatsworth website, of course, but … …

In following developments related to bio-digester for the last two years, I quickly realized that the Chatsworth representatives (Mayor Pringle, former Deputy Mayor MacKay and, usually, CAO/Clerk Will Moore) made little or no effort to keep residents and taxpayers informed. Gradually, I saw things that made me suspect that the actual situation could be worse than this: Was it possible that our representatives to the Joint Board did not bother to keep the Chatsworth Council informed, either?

If so, this would effectively put three out of five of our elected representatives in a position of not being able to provide informed input or make informed decisions when it came time for the Council to deal with issues or questions related to the bio-digester.

My reason for suspecting this is that no issues of substance related to the bio-digester were ever raised at Chatsworth Council meetings (except at budget time) until I began stirring the pot. In my view, this is a serious problem. I will expand on it when I summarize the results of my Freedom of Information request in the next few weeks.

For each Joint Board meeting, I will post the Agenda package as soon as practicable after obtaining it, in the same format as I do for Chatsworth Council meetings. In addition, I will prepare a report on the meeting as soon as possible afterwards for the purpose of informing Chatsworth residents (and also the three Councillors who aren’t members of the Joint Board) about what I consider to be the significant items discussed at the meeting. Each meeting with have a separate sub-tab.

It is important for readers to understand that these reports will reflect my understanding as an observer because there is only one opportunity (toward the end of each meeting) for anyone to ask questions, and there is usually a time limit of a few minutes.


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